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Installed as BLM Director without Senate confirmation, William Perry Pendley and his extremist views are a direct threat to hunters, anglers, and public lands. Throughout his career he has advocated for the sale or privatization of public lands and fought against the very agency he now oversees.


His numerous conflicts of interests and unbalanced views on how public lands should be managed are an affront to Western values. Despite exercising the authority of Director, Pendley has avoided a formal confirmation process by the Senate, which is required by the Constitution.


Now that President Trump has indicated he will nominate Pendley to head the BLM, the Senate will finally have the chance to examine his qualifications. Sign the petition below to call on Senator Jon Tester and Senator Steve Daines to oppose Pendley's confirmation to protect our public lands and wildlife.  


Dear Senator Tester and Senator Daines,


The Bureau of Land Management – which manages 250 million acres of public land across the West and 700 million acres of subsurface mineral rights– has been without a Director since January 2017.  Instead, the agency has been managed by a string of temporary assignments. 


President Trump has now nominated William Perry Pendley to direct the BLM.  Mr. Pendley has directly and clearly advocated for the sale of federal public lands.  This radical idea is anathema to Western values and would destroy hunting opportunity, outdoor recreation, and family ranches.


Pendley is an activist lawyer who has fought for decades against the ideals of public lands and the multiple-use mission of the agency he now directs.  He presently has multiple conflicts-of-interest with lawsuits involving the Interior Department.  He also advocated moving the BLM headquarters to his home state of Colorado, which would reduce the BLM’s ability to work with other agencies and Congress.


Mr. Pendley has avoided the legal confirmation process required by the Constitution for over a year.  Despite being installed into the position of running the BLM without the advice and consent of the Senate, you will now have the opportunity to examine Mr. Pendley's qualifications and review his goals for the agency.


Pendley's history of advocating for the sale or transfer of public lands and numerous conflicts of interest make him unfit to manage our nation's public lands.  We, the undersigned hunters, anglers and other conservationists, call upon you to oppose the confirmation of William Perry Pendley as Director for the Bureau of Land Management.